I’ve always been a scribbler since a young age and naturally gravitated towards the visual arts in school. After completing a foundation course on the south coast, I went on to study a BA at Middlesex Polytechnic in three-dimensional design. The multidisciplinary course covered furniture, glass, metalwork, jewellery and ceramics, the latter being where I found my feet.

I started in the interiors industry at the end of the nineties, finding it a comfortable fit straight away. The next decade was spent honing colour and trend forecasting skills to make informed stock buying decisions. I left to do my own thing after ten years. Since then I’ve continued consulting on product selection and researching future colour directions and trends. Becoming my own boss has given me the time to put my own ideas into action. Initially with wallpaper but more recently with terrazzo and tile design.

I’ve always had an interest in pattern and texture. Finding the repeat is a constant distraction and am often being told off for not paying attention to conversation. I grew up in a New Town in the seventies that had a splendid long multi-level layout to the town centre. I remember the textures in the concrete building facades and the pebbles pushed into the paving areas designating where not to walk. They have always stuck in my mind along with the concrete slabs made into bridges over the pools in the public park that seemed to hang in mid-air, not quite touching each other.

It is as a result of this that I love modernism. There is something solid and beautiful to the motifs, forms and general detailing. From Art Deco right up to Brutalism the 20th Century gave us some masterclasses in proportion, appropriate material choice and form.

I draw a lot on my screen. Sometimes I have in mind how to make what I am drawing and sometimes I’m just doodling on the train. Because of years dealing with the supply chain from manufacturer to client, I have gained an understanding of the process from end to end and the expectations in between. Products need to be beautifully made, have a focus in their design and most importantly look great when fitted. My work has a particular style, it is definitely not quiet and is certainly isn’t going to be for everyone. Bolder is better in my book.