Latest Wallpapers

Terrazzo Wallpaper

Terrazzo is enjoying something of a renaissance of late. This traditional material is hundreds of years old, but it’s been a long time since marble chippings, dust and cement made the patterned and plain floors in many a palazzo. These days, the institutional connection to the material has become less about stigma and much more about style. This contemporary wallpaper design brings a flavour of modernism to any interior. Whether used to create a feature wall or to line an entire room, terrazzo wallpaper is an ideal way to bring a touch of mid century charm to any contemporary space.

Labyrinth Wallpaper

Labyrinth is a contemporary collection of geometric wallpapers that each follow a simple set of rules. Designed by utilizing two key principles, these patterns are both beautifully complex and minimalist in nature. The first rule of Labyrinth is that each colourway is created using just three colours. This ensures a cohesive, contemporary look for any space.

Stitch Wallpaper

Stitch Wallpaper chevron motifs provide a versatile and stylish foundation for any room in the house. Whether you are looking to create an interesting feature in your cloakroom, or wanting to make a bold statement in your kitchen or bathroom, this collection offers endless possibilities for creating beautiful patterned schemes. With a range of light and dark colour options available, you can easily play with proportion and contrast by mixing and matching different patterns from the collection. So whether you want to highlight a particular area in your home or create a sense of flow throughout the entire space, Stitch Wallpaper has everything you need to achieve stylish interior design that truly reflects your personal style.