Circle Line

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Circle Line glazed wall tiles brings the handcrafted warmth and rich translucent glazes typical of the nineteen seventies and plants them firmly in the now. Three surface relief patterns that repeat into each other can be set with a plain to create a playful wall finish with bold lines for the eye to follow. Reminiscent of the ceramic murals applied to mid to late 21st century buildings, this is a modern take on the bold ceramics of an age gone by.

Contrast plays a central role in Circle Line. The designs have been constructed by hand to avoid rigid precision, capturing a warmth impossible with industrial production.

The versatile arrangements possible with Circle Line can create a modern Deco look right through to a nineteen seventies science fiction. There are several set patterns suggested that can help in planning easier, but the real strength of this series lays in the ability to create something truly unique.

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