Onice Miele


Onice Miele smooth mica finish wallpaper. This wallpaper is digitally printed in the UK on non woven heavy weight paper. Orders are printed on demand which typically takes 3 weeks.

Roll Size: 10m x 52cm.

Repeat: 208 cm

Match: any 26 cm

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Onice Miele Colour Notes:

Onice Miele wallpaper brings rich ambers together with grey green and white veining. The soft base amber on this wallpaper makes this colourway an easy choice for a timeless luxury look. Onyx has a much more vivid marking than most marbles and this colourway is no exception. Vein markings range from white to grey green contrasting well with the yellows of the background.


Design Notes:

Each of the sixteen blocks that make up the repeat measures 26 cm square. Fix this design at any offset match to evenly distribute the blocks across the wall, disguising the repeat. This design is on super smooth mica paper that gives a soft metallic sheen when the light catches across it.

Brutal Marmi wallpaper takes a fresh look at brutalism and wonders what might have been if concrete wasn’t the material of choice. The design follows the solid characteristics commonly associated with the short lived architectural style. At the same time they ditch the concrete in favour of luxurious stone choices. Marble, onyx and limestone form the building blocks in the grounds of each design. Each of the block motifs share the same rounded indent effect inspired by the poured concrete forms common in the brutal architectural style.

See the Pinterest board for this series.

Additional information

Weight0.88 kg
Dimensions52 × 8 × 8 cm