Stitch Facade recreates the monolithic faces of mid century concrete architecture. The brutal forms of these towers are revisited in porcelain with this solid wall and floor tile pattern. Facade creates the look of wide rounded channels that work beautifully on the wall. Accentuate height with this bold retro style tile, or dress the fireplace with monochrome geometry. Facade is a versatile pattern that can help adjust room proportions. The prominent rails running along the pattern give it a definite direction, drawing the eye.

Suggested colour combinations are available to order but these can be configured from the palette of fifteen porcelain colours. For example it is possible to alter these custom tiles by choosing the colour of the pieces that make up each pattern. Different colour placements will accordingly alter the look and effect of each pattern. It must be remembered that the colour of the grout is almost as important as the tile and has a dramatic influence on the finished effect.

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