Momentum Tiles

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About Momentum

Momentum is a testament to modernist design principles, is a collection that seamlessly combines form and function, offering a symphony of textures and a nod to Mid Century architecture’s timeless elegance. Each textured tile within this collection shares a commonality – the presence of undulating grooves that grace each side. The result is a visual and tactile continuity, where the four textures blend effortlessly, creating a sense of uninterrupted flow and harmony.

Inspired by the geometric details and forms prevalent in Mid Century architecture, Momentum draws upon the architectural rhythms that were meticulously achieved through the extensive use of concrete. The collection reflects the essence of stepped concrete forms, evoking a sense of structure and movement. This architectural heritage has left an indelible mark on the designs within this collection, infusing them with a classic yet contemporary feel.

Momentum offers a versatile range of design possibilities. The four distinct textures can be combined with plain tiles to craft a modern textured wall finish that exudes a sense of formal pattern. This approach offers a repeating, structured design that envelops your walls with an elegant rhythm and grace. However, if you prefer a more organic and free-form look, the collection allows for entirely unrestricted design possibilities, encouraging a space that flows with a more natural and unbridled aesthetic.

Adding to the allure of Momentum is the fine translucent crackle glaze that adorns the tiles, resulting in pools of darkly concentrated glaze within the textured grooves. This unique feature infuses the tiles with depth and character. Furthermore, it’s important to note that the glaze colours exhibit a visible variance between tiles of the same hue, adding an element of organic beauty and individuality to each installation.

Momentum is not merely a collection of tiles; it’s an exploration of design principles that have stood the test of time. It’s a tribute to Mid Century architecture, a celebration of form and texture, and an embodiment of the contemporary aesthetic. Whether you seek to create a structured, rhythmical design or a free-form, organic look, Momentum offers you a canvas of possibilities. These tiles invite you to engage with your space, to craft an environment that harmonizes classic design with the demands of the modern world.

With Momentum, your walls become an expression of both the past and the present, a testament to your appreciation for timeless design and your eye for detail. Welcome to a world where Momentum propels your space into a realm of elegance, artistry, and sophistication.