Brutal Marmi Wallpaper

Brutal Marmi wallpaper is a new take on brutalism. It explores what might have been if concrete wasn’t the material of choice. The wallpaper pattern follows the solid characteristics commonly associated with the architectural style. At the same time, they remove the concrete in favour of luxurious stone choices. The result is a wallpaper design that is both eye-catching and sophisticated. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for your home or office, Brutal Marmi is sure to make a lasting impression.

Brutal Marmi wallpaper is a pattern of sixteen blocks that group together to make a unified whole. The repeat length is just over two metres, but Brutal Marmi can match at any 26cm interval. This allows for the wallpaper to be fitted as a random mass of blocks on the wall, offering a unique and stylish look.

Marble, onyx and limestone form the building blocks in the grounds of each wallpaper design. Each with its own character and marking from the dark and moody Rosso Lepanto to bright and glamorous Onice Verde. Each of the block motifs share the same rounded indent effect. The shape is inspired by the poured concrete forms common in the brutal architectural style.