Geo Geo Wallpaper

Geo Geo is a design that follows a simple idea. Pairing references from Geology and Geometry, this wallpaper series has both weight and a touch of deco glamour. Blocks of stylised stone materials stack on top of one another to form the structure of the design. Each block is framed with a geometric motif. Eight block variants form the full repeat that will match at any single block interval. In addition, the wallpaper has a smooth mica finish with no grain making it possible to reverse hang.

Geological background markings reference marble, onyx and quartzite. Each stone type brings an individual character and density of markings. Outlining each of the stone blocks is one of eight geometric frameworks. The geometric elements take reference from 1930’s mirrored furniture to mid-century graphics. Although Geo Geo looks like a complex design, installation is remarkably straight forward. The wallpaper design matches at any 52 centimetres with matching possible in many varied combinations. With reverse hanging being an option, it is possible to make each installation unique.