Brutal Marmi Rosso Lepanto Wallpaper

Brutal Marmi Rosso Lepanto Wallpaper



Roll Size: 10m x 52cm
Repeat: 208 cm
Match: Any 26 cm


About Brutal Marmi Rosso Lepanto Wallpaper

Rosso Lepanto is a luxurious marble wallpaper that blends deep red tones with fine, silvery white markings. The dark color and rich texture of this marble wallpaper create a timeless look that exudes luxury and refinement. With vein markings ranging from pure white to soft grey over a bold red backdrop, Rosso Lepanto is unlike any other marble in terms of its distinctive natural beauty. Whether used as an accent wall in an elegant home or in the design of an architectural masterpiece, this stunning marble wallpaper adds instant panache and elegance to any space. The sixteen-block design is a unique and eye-catching pattern that can be used to add interest and dimension to any space. The blocks can be arranged in any offset pattern, which gives the design a random and unpredictable look. The mica paper is smooth and reflective, creating a subtle and sophisticated sheen. This design is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any room.

Brutal Marmi Rosso Lepanto Wallpaper Material

Printed on Mica coated smooth non-woven paper.
Digitally printed in the UK.
Orders printed on demand which typically takes 3 weeks.