Glyph Onion Pink

Glyph Onion Pink Wallpaper



Roll Size: 10m x 52cm
Repeat: 416 cm
Match: Any 26 cm

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About Glyph Onion Pink Wallpaper

Glyph Onion Pink Wallpaper is a unique and stylish way to add a touch of mystery and intrigue to your walls. The wallpaper is made up of a series of graphic symbols that can be interpreted in many different ways. Each symbol can have a hidden meaning, giving the wallpaper a secretive dimension. There is no cypher for this design, so it is up to your imagination to decide what the symbols mean.Glyph Onion Pink Wallpaper has a long repeat of 416cm which can be matched at any 26cm interval. The smooth matt ground is without texture which allows this design to be reverse hung.

Glyph Onion Pink Wallpaper Material

Printed on smooth matt non-woven paper.
Digitally printed in the UK.
Orders printed on demand which typically takes 3 weeks.