Stitch Mini Hound Skin

Stitch Mini Hound Skin



Roll Size: 10m x 52cm
Repeat: 20.8 cm
Match: Straight

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About Stitch Mini Hound Skin

Stitch Mini Hound Skin wallpaper embodies sophistication and elegance in a cleverly compact design. Its small scale doesn't diminish its impact. It is this characteristic that enhances its charm with a vibrant and dynamic pattern. This wallpaper has the remarkable ability to instantly rejuvenate any room, adding a touch of excitement to the atmosphere. What sets Stitch Mini Hound Skin wallpaper apart is its simplicity and the striking geometric houndstooth motif it proudly features. This design not only creates a modern look but also holds a timeless quality that ensures it will remain stylish for years to come. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice that easily integrates into a wide range of decorating styles. Versatility is a prominent feature of this pattern, seamlessly fitting its clean lined design into various settings. Whether you want to refresh your living room, bedroom, or even your home office, this wallpaper is an ideal choice. It's not limited to a single accent wall; it's a dynamic option if you wish to infuse your entire space with a burst of energy. Stitch Mini wallpaper demonstrates that style and charm have no bounds. Its compact design invites you to elevate your interior space with sophistication and flair.

Stitch Mini Hound Skin Material

Printed on smooth matt non-woven paper.
Digitally printed in the UK.
Orders printed on demand which typically takes 3 weeks.